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I started up This Way Pup dog walking in the spring of 2012, basically to save my house from slowly being destroyed!


When we got Luca in November 2011, he didn't really like being left on his own. So when I used to get in from work, I was coming back to all sorts of thoughtful 'presents' from him. Some smelly, and some destructive...


Protest poop's were a plenty. Skirting boards, carpets, door frames, Alfie's toys and my trainers were also getting destroyed on a weekly basis. All his doggy toys were left perfectly intact though!


After a few months of this fun, I decided that the cheapest option would be to quit my job (which I hated anyway, plus they'd just given everyone a 15% pay cut for Christmas!) and start a dog walking business to get Luca some friends to run around and play with.

I've had dogs all my life and have been walking them since I can first remember walking. So starting up a dog walking business, seemed like a good idea all round!


After an initially slow start. Once I'd got a few doggy's on board, word soon spread, and it's now going really well. We're out and about every weekday with different pooches from the 'This Way Pup' crew. Exploring all the walks in and around the Banbury area.


All the dogs are really friendly and we don't tolerate any aggressive behaviour on the walks. You can trust that your doggy will come back happy, socialised and exercised.


So If you're not as stupid as me, and can't just quit your job to go walk your dog. Sign your pooch up for some weekday fun!

Here's Luca. He's a Hungarian Vizsla and loves meeting other dogs. He'll run around and play all day and is proper friendly and good natured. He's basically my shadow when we're at home and he won't let me get within 10 feet of his lead - even after 3 walks!

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