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This Way Pup is a dog walking service which covers a 5 mile catchment area of Banbury and the surrounding villages.


If you're looking for a fun packed weekday walk for your pooch where they can run off lead, socialise and play with other doggies, you're in the right place...


Each weekday, your doggy can be out on a fun packed trek with my dog Luca and up to four other new found friends, running, chasing, exploring and playing together.


There are three walks a day with each walk lasting for an hour. I've found this is more than long enough as when they're all out together they run each other about ragged!

The  Walks Cost £12 And Last For An Hour

£10 A WALK For Dogs Booked In FROM Monday To Friday

This could be your doggy after a walk :)

Once we're away from any roads they're all let off the lead to run and play. I do a bit of basic recall training on the whistle when they first start to get them used to coming back to me, but nothing too intense. Then after that they're just out there having fun!


As well as the exercise, just as important is the social aspect of the walks. Many behavioural problems can be attributed to a lack of social interaction with other dogs. So meeting up and playing with other dogs will do them the world of good.


We're out on long, active, cross country walks in ALL weathers. The only time we don't go out is if it's thunder and lightning as that's just not fun.

Fun in the sun!

Book Your Dog IN For Walkies

For any enquiries, please either give me a call, or fill out the form and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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All pups are welcome, but they must...

Be fit & active.

They’ll have to be able to keep up with all the other dogs, and enjoy long walks.


Be friendly with other dogs.

There's a maximum of six dogs on each walk so your dog must be sociable.


Have basic recall skills.

They don’t have to be gun dog trained but they’ll be off lead for most of the time, so they've got to know their own name.


Like all types of weather.

The only time we don't go out is when it’s thunder and lightning, or really hot.


Now for some fun in the big puddles!

The Little & Large show...

That's about it. If you'd like to book your dog in for some of the best fun they'll have on a weekday give me a call on 07798 727111 or fill out the form above.


I provide fresh water for the dogs at the end of each walk and towel them dry (if necessary) before returning them, so they don't mess up your home. I can also feed them for you when I drop them back and send you a quick text to tell you they are home safe if requested.


Subject to availability, you can book your dog in for just a day or a whole week, it's up to you and you're free to cancel at anytime. Please give me a few days notice though so I can arrange to have your dogs place filled.


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